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From the Global Village

In the Age of Communication

I am a super-optimist. I always try to see the good in things. Even the worst situations have good in them. I am fickle. I have a tendency to be self centered but not always in a bad way.

I love giving someone a hard time but I hate when someone else gives me a hard time.

I love/hate people. Like, what I mean is, I tend to love the people I am around while at the same time hating the things that people do...even the people I love. What is love? We've been trying to find out, is there really such a thing?

I separate situations into their individual parts and try not to inter-relate things to much however in the end I find how all things are tied together.

I am a complex thinker. I can come across as naive, ignorant, and unknowing sometimes but the reality is that my gears are always spinning inside and I am always putting two and two together - and yes, sometimes I get 5.

I am an idea generator. I always have an idea brewing for something or other.

I love Morrissey and Madonna and Streisand and musicals and rap and country music. I think I have around 6,000 songs in iTunes/Google Music. I love The Color Purple and Torch Song Trilogy and Star Wars I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII and The Godfather I, II, and III and many more movies.

I like nude recreation like at the beach, camping, hiking, etc but I don't get to do it a lot. I am also kind of shy which is ironic. I don't see the big deal with nakedness however.

I am pretty much a liberal. I don't like unions, ultra-conservative pseudo-religious nuts, corporate pandering.

My LJ is intended for my pleasure however I invite discussion on any post anytime. I also love making new LJ-Friends so feel free to introduce yourself.

My new motto: Ancora Imparo